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About Us                               

Kalahi FMA Gear is a dedicated brand for Filipino Martial Arts. Our company is small and being managed by a pure blooded Filipino Martial Arts practitioner. Being an Arnisador himself, our owner sees to it that we are producing only the best and trusted quality gear for  our clients. 

Our main products are the following:

All our Traditional Philippine Swords are handmade, carefully crafted by expert Filipino blade makers. Our forge's skill is tested by time. Forging process handed down from generations and continuously improve to give you the best  quality and reliable blades that you can use in combat and  utility purposes. All our blades carefully passed the tempering required for 100% efficiency.

We take pride of our FMA training equipment which are the results of constant research and innovation . We continuously develop our Kalahi FMA Gear products to meet the requirements of the users for Combat and Sports aspect. The most competitive advantage that we can offer is our ability to produce our products at minimal cost which makes our price cheapest with the  quality they deliver. 

Padded Sticks, Body Armor
Padded Sticks, Arnis body Armor


For International buyers, we accept Credit Card Payment ,  PAYPAL and Bank Transfer.  Paypal  is a  secured payment option. It offers buyer protection.

If you do not have a Paypal account , please contact us for other payment options. We also accept Western Union and  other convenient  payment facilities.

For Philippine  buyers, we accept payment through bank deposit , Gcash or  money transfer . Please contact us  so we can arrange a hassle free payment system. 

Shipping and Delivery                         

The item you bought from this website will be shipped from the Philippines secured and hassle free. We make sure that we ship your order fast, convenient and safe. We  ship via DHL Express, FedEx and UPS. 

Full value of the items ordered  are declared on the customs form and an invoice is included in the package. It takes 5 to 7 days to receive your order under normal circumstances. Some delays are caused by custom clearance and holidays. We will keep you posted on the tracking number of the shipment as soon as we dispatched it.

Please Note: Import duties, taxes, and charges in the recipient country are not included in the item price or shipping cost. Please check with all federal state and local laws in your country relating to the possession, transport and use of live blades  before  placing an order.   

Our  Contact   Details  

PM Allan S. Fami / Karen Fami 

AFMC  Enterprises

Unit 1, 2nd Flr, 5JS Commercial Complex

167 Teofilo Samson Road Brgy. Deparo

Caloocan City 

Telephone: +63 2 7501.7086   

Mobile : 0956 6327537  / 0915- 5747081                    

Email  :  kalahifmagear@gmail.com 

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